Forward thinking is something that we have done for a long time.

Over 115 years of experience in mechanical engineering. For over 60 years, a leader in drive systems and components. This is what WMH Herion stands for. In doing so, over the course of the company’s history we have pushed our range of expertise and our product portfolio forward in the same way as our growth in global markets.

The beginnings

The origin of WMH Herion can be traced back to the end of the 19th Century when Christian Herion managed a factory for mechanical drive elements in Alsace. After the end of the First World War, the company moved to Berlin and during this period, manufactured valve reseating tools for the aviation industry as a mainstay.

A new start

In 1947, Ernst Herion re-established the company under its present name in Pfaffenhofen. Even then, the restart took place in the spirit of constructive dialogue between the company and its customers: A farmer needed a sprocket wheel for his motorbike and WMH Herion produced it. WMH Herion stuck with this product for the next few years, however the company did not forget to expand its portfolio of products continuously. By the mid 1960s, the company had developed a broad product base, as the demand for motorcycle sprocket wheels diminished. Despite the constant evolution that WMH Herion has undergone since those early days, we have never forgotten our roots: In the foyer at the company’s head office a motorcycle from the year 1928 acts as reminder of the beginnings of WMH Herion.


Over the years, international business associates and dealers could be found so that WMH products quickly became available worldwide via a global distribution system. Most recently, WMH Herion has gained a business associates in Brazil as part of its dealer network. In the 1990s, gear rods and spurn gears for linear actuators became one of WMH Herion’s main products. It was with these products that the company ventured into the international export business. In addition, the portfolio of products has been continuously expanded and upgraded in order to offer the WMH customers the widest range possible. A major step was WMH Herion’s relocation from Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm to Wolnzach. After many years the company left its ‘old’ premises and moved into a new building. This move accommodated the increased demands that were placed upon the logistics department.

WMH today and tomorrow

In 2008, WMH Herion established its own in-house research and development department. Through this, WMH Herion is not only able to support its customers in the designing of drive components, but also develop, manufacture and assemble complete assemblies. In addition, our lubrication system and the free preloaded double pinion have been developed for the standard catalogue. Over the coming years as well, WMH Herion will continually help its customers and business associates to solve their challenges in an innovative and reliable way. Our experience, which once helped millions of motorbikes onto the fast track, secures the reliability of your constructions and machinery all over the world through our products and assemblies: Both now as well as in the future. This is what drives us.

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