From further processing
to reproducing original parts

WMH Xtras

Service for your drive.

The motto ‘part of your drive’ naturally also applies to our service offers. We support you wherever and however we can. Our portfolio covers contract work and procurement of replacement parts, as well as measurement of prototypes, calculations, and the production of original parts for vintage cars, machinery or gearboxes.

Standard further processing

Is the rack too long? Is the drilled hole too small? Is the thread missing? No problem! Almost every single item of our standard product range can be adapted and modified to suit your needs and requirements with little additional effort and in a timely manner, reducing delivery time and costs. Our skilled specialists as well as our state-of-the-art mechanical equipment make this possible.

Replacement parts

Thanks to our warehouse with more than 12,000 items from our catalogue, we can quickly react to your enquiry and deliver the item you require without major delays. We guarantee a consistent provision of replacement parts for special customized solutions manufactured in-house on demand. We additionally offer our customers an optional on-site service.


Out of sight, out of mind? Not at WMH Herion. If you require support for matters relating to drive technology, our field staff takes care of your queries or you can call us. In addition, our in-house staff assists you in all matters concerning the WMH product and service portfolio.

Your contact

Reproduction of original parts

Out of passion and tradition, WMH Herion offers a special service with the reproduction of original parts for vintage cars, old machinery, or gearboxes. The many years of experience of WMH in construction as well as our unique mechanical equipment play a role in providing this service. The combination of the two enables the creation of the desired drive component from a parts measurement as well as the manufacture of single parts or the production of small series.

Prototype measurement

We offer our customers an additional extra service with the measurement of prototypes for the reproduction of specific drive components. Detailed construction drawings for documentation purposes or as the basis for further manufacture of parts are based on high-precision measurements as well as precise material analyses and definitions.

There for you in person.

We are happy to help you with any questions about our product portfolio and to advise you on which of our products suits your purpose best. In addition to that, we offer myriad individual services as part of our standard product range as well as services related to drive technology.

You can contact us by phone under +49 8442 96 99-0 or via email to